Cyber Hygiene project successfully completed

As part of the Cyber ​​Hygiene project, implemented with the support of the US Department of State, 338 students, half of them from the Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering (FIMK), have successfully completed the free course offered for this field. This course on basic information security rules has been implemented on the platform provided by CRDF Global, in the framework of a cooperation agreement with the University “Isa Boletini” in Mitrovica.

The leader of this project at UIBM, Professor Berat Ujkani, said that the course that started in July 2021 ended in December with a discussion to see the impact and the results achieved. According to him, the students expressed their gratitude and thanks to UIMB and CRDF Global for supporting and providing the free course.

He stressed that the students liked the content of the course, the way it was represented and the fact that they received certificates at the end. “When asked about their general comments about the course content, its applicability and the technical moments of working on the platform, more than 80 percent of the participants responded with excellent and very good results,” he said. .

Professor Ujkani, stressed that students showed great interest in all modules of the course, however, taking into account the final assessment report, the results show that students considered the safe use of mobile phones as the most attractive module of the course. “Furthermore, the well-rated modules were the secure use of e-mail and the Fake News modules.”

The online course contained 10 modules with video material accessible in Albanian and English that lasted approximately 60 minutes.

Multidisciplinary International Conference on Geosciences- "GEOSCIENCES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT"
13-14 October 2022, Mitrovicë, Kosova