Faculty of Economics holds the next meeting towards finalization of Self-Evaluation Report (SER)

The Faculty of Economics, within the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” – UMIB, is accredited in the Business and Management program, with specialization: Finance, Banking and Accounting. However, it is very committed to accreditation at the Master’s level, with the same program, with three specializations: Finance, Banking and Accounting, Management and Entrepreneurship, as well as Industrial Management. In this regard, it is making all the necessary preparations towards the finalization of this goal of major interest, not only for our unit and UMIB, but for the community as well.

So yesterday, on 27.01.2020, in the wake of many meetings, the next meeting of the academic unit regarding the finalization of the SER was held for the Master level.

The meeting was invited by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof.Dr. Ass. Dr. Qazim Tmava, while moderated by PhD (c) Filloreta Demiri, Academic Development Coordinator, within the faculty.

Participants were the majority of the academic unit staff, each of whom made a valuable contribution to make this report as comprehensive and dignified as possible, in accordance with the requirements and standards required by the KAA.

The management of the FE would like to thank all the academic staff for their maximum contribution and commitment to drafting this self-assessment report.