First Job and Career Fair held at the University “Isa Boletini”

Organized by the Career Development Center and supported by GIZ, the “First Job and Career Fair” at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB) was held on Thursday. The activitiy wasattended by private companies, public companies and UMIB faculties.

At the opening ceremony of the fair, UMIB’s Rector Alush Musaj thanked the companies for their participation and cooperation. “Cooperation between the university and businesses is imperative. The closer the cooperation between us as an academic world and businesses, the more opportunities for both sides to succeed. And when we are successful then society itself is also successful, ”he said.

According to him, UMIB is trying to be as open as possible to the business industry, their ideas and their experience. He noted that they are also trying to adapt to market demands and needs so that students are ready and prepared for new trends.

In this context, he mentioned that besides the programs, cabinets, laboratories offered at UMIB, a very important segment is cooperation with public and private companies in the country. As a result, he said, students can pursue internships at companies related to the nature of their studies, quickly catching up with new technology.

Rector Musaj said that while events such as the “Job and Career Fair” not only enrich the calendar of university activities, they also open new paths.

The “First Job and Career Fair” at our university is a new experience. It is an opportunity to establish communication between faculties and business and to identify each other’s needs. ”

Speaking on behalf of the businesses, Gani Durmishaj from Aldi Dairy, who appreciated the good cooperation they have with UMIB. “We have found that students are very well prepared theoretically, but need support for practical work. We are open as businesses to deepen cooperation with the university, while the fair is a great opportunity to identify opportunities for collaboration. “

GIZ representative, Rrahim Trepca, appreciated the good organization of the fair and promised to continue cooperation with UMIB. “This is the first step and we are determined to deepen cooperation with UMIB for the benefit of students and academic staff.”

Whereas, Speaker of Student Parliament, Ensar Suma, said that the fair is an opportunity to provide students with companies that need staff in different fields. “Undoubtedly, this activity reflects the need to intensify business cooperation to make it easier to adapt to the demands of the labor market,” he said.

The fair has has aroused the interest of students and academic staff who have become part of this event.