Memorandum of Understanding between FTU and Kosovo Wine Association

In order to increase the relevance between the education sector to those of market needs, the Faculty of Food Technology (WTU) and the Kosovo Enologists Association (KVS) “Enology” in Rahovec / Orahovac have reached a memorandum of understanding. The memorandum was signed on Thursday at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” by the Dean of FTU, Milaim Sadiku and the head of KVS “Enology”, Gazmend Daka.

It was a common opinion that the memorandum will have a positive impact on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses in the winery sector. Through this Memorandum of Understanding, the signatories have expressed their willingness and willingness for mutual cooperation and recognition, aiming at the further development and development of professional capacities and knowledge.

The cooperation envisages that the parties help each other on the basis of their activity. The FTU within the study programs will have subjects from the winemaking respectively from “Technology of winemaking”. In this case the staff trained in FTU will be better prepared in the field of winemaking, which will then fill the shortage of enologists.

The FTU students will at the same time develop the internship in KVS Enology member companies. The Dean of WTU, Milaim Sadiku, said that this collaboration will reflect on human capacity building with labor market requirements, then on executives and other stakeholders of local winemakers, in various training and seminars.

KVS chairman Gazmend Daka said it is planned to extend co-operation to various areas. “We have agreed to cooperate in providing opportunities for students in the realization of practical (laboratory) work, then in the realization of seminar work and in the development of diplomas in the levels of basic and master studies, the use of laboratories of companies that are within KVS “Enology” etc, “he said.

This Memorandum of Understanding is a five-year, which will be reviewed after this period to ensure that the purpose and implementation are done as intended. Programs and activities should be reported and evaluated after completion of activities or one year period. The two institutions will hold periodic meetings to discuss implementation or other changes that may affect the contents of this memorandum.