The general goal of this project is to introduce mechanisms and skills in initial teacher education institutions in Kosovo to implement internal quality assurance practices that lead towards enhancement of quality of the graduates that are capable of driving school reform forward. Increasing the quality of teacher education graduates in Kosovo has the potential to influence everlasting changes in school practice which have been acknowledged as necessary in Kosovo school system. Changing teacher practice to reflect the new professionalism implies the need to develop teacher education institutions that are oriented towards improvement and monitoring the achievement of those targets to close the significant gap between current teacher practice realities in schools and the demanded teacher professionalism as reflected in current local policy set up and European level references.

The specific aims of this project are:

– Develop internal quality assurance mechanisms and processes within initial teacher education institutions in Kosovo which respond to specific indicators of quality;

– Develop capacities for management of internal quality assurance mechanisms in teacher education including adoption of ITE staffing policy and course design policy;

– Develop capacities of teacher educators in delivering quality of teaching as one of the indicators in internal quality mechanism;

– Implement a full quality assurance process for all relevant fields of teacher education (course implementation, program relevance, research program, international cooperation, student services, administrative and management practices, etc.) to identify an improvement program for teacher education institutions in Kosovo.

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Meeting With Student Representatives For Quality Assurance At The Faculty Of Education – UIBM

Meeting with student representatives for quality assurance at the Faculty of Education – UIBM

In the premises of the Faculty of Education at UIBM, today was held a joint…

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UIBM Part Of The Workshop Organized By The University Of Tallinn In Estonia

UIBM part of the workshop organized by the University of Tallinn in Estonia

Within the activities of the Erasmus + QATEK project, the rector of the University "Isa…

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Professors And Students Of The Faculty Of Education Participate In The International Conference: Kosovo International Conference On Educational Research – KICER

Professors and students of the Faculty of Education participate in the international conference: Kosovo International Conference on Educational Research – KICER

In the framework of the QATEK project, an international conference is taking place: Kosovo International…

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Coordinator Meeting Within The Erasmus + QATEK Project

Coordinator meeting within the Erasmus + QATEK project

In the framework of the Erasmus + QATEK project: Towards a quality-oriented system for the…

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Monitoring Meeting For The Project “Towards A Quality Oriented System For Primary Education To Increase The Professionalism Of Teachers In Kosovo-QATEK”

Monitoring meeting for the project “Towards a quality oriented system for primary education to increase the professionalism of teachers in Kosovo-QATEK”

Today, on June 25, 2021, the Vice Rector for Teaching, Student Affairs and Quality Development…

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Consultation Meeting For The Project For Preparation Of New Teachers

Consultation meeting for the project for preparation of new teachers

University “Isa Boletini” in Mitrovica (UIBM) is committed to fulfilling all obligations related to the…

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