Foto Nga Rektorati

Rector of “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica, Alush Musaj, visits the new University campus that is under construction

Rector of Isa Boletini University in Mitrovica, Alush Musaj, visited on Thursday the new university campus that is under construction. Rector Musaj, who was accompanied by the Vice-Rector, Ali Sadiku and Secretary-General Xhelal Smakiqi, were informed by workers on the progress of works and the preparations being made for transfer to the new campus.

According to the contractors, the facility of the rectorate has just finished and is expected only technical acceptance by the commission of the Ministry of Public Administration, so that the administration will then be transferred. Based on the plans, this is expected to happen very soon.

On the other hand, Rector Musaj has asked the administration to make all the necessary preparations for the transfer. “The university campus is taking the final form. It will offer extremely good conditions for students, teachers and administration. “