Rector Musaj welcomes new students at UIBM

On the occasion of the beginning of the academic year 2021/22 at the University “Isa Boletini” in Mitrovica (UIBM), on Friday a reception was organized for new students by the management and heads of academic units. The rector, prof.dr., also welcomed the students. Alush Musaj, who was also accompanied by the vice-rectors of UIBM.

He informed the students about the working conditions at UIBM, about the campus, the academic staff and the opportunities offered. “You are fortunate to have selected UIBM to study, given that you have at your disposal the most modern campus in the country, a very professional and dedicated academic staff.”

Rector Musaj also mentioned the attractive programs at UIBM, which offer perspective for students. “I wish you success in your journey of knowledge and we encourage you to be as demanding as possible from the teaching staff and administration, in order to increase the quality of our institution,” he said.

Rector Musaj and the vice-rectors were part of the reception at the Faculty of Education, where the dean, prof. assoc. dr. Qazim Tmava. He stressed that the choice of faculty is of strategic importance, because the faculty determines your life path in the long run. “The purpose of studies is to learn to think critically and creatively, in order to then change reality for the better. This is the meaning of life. Therefore, investing in education is not just an expense, but the most profitable investment in life.