The “World Food Day” was marked with various activities

Faculty of Food Technology at “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica, organized a series of activities in honor of “World Food Day”. The activities were organized with the aim of raising the awareness of students and citizens about the importance of healthy eating.

Initially, students of this faculty organized a presentation in the lobby of the university’s building on various aspects related to food. They have provided explanations of the content of foods most commonly used by students and of foods that are healthy.

These students have organized also this activity in the main square of Mitrovica as well, providing information related to this topic to interested citizens. The students were happy about the opportunity to present their knowledge in this field.

In the framework of “World Food Day”, a lecture was organized in the Faculty of Food Technology by officials of the Food and Veterinary Agency, where students and professors of this faculty participated. The Rector, Alush Musaj, who closely followed these activities, congratulated the students for their commitment.