Rektori Musaj

UMIB co-organizer of the “Third International Conference on Global Competitiveness Management and Innovation”

The “Third International Conference on Global Competitiveness Management and Innovation” has started, in which the co-organizer is the University “Isa Boletini” in Mitrovica (UIBM). This conference, which is usually held at Istanbul University, this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is organized online.

Rector of UIBM, prof.dr. Alush Musaj, expressed his satisfaction that he can address the participants with a keyword, albeit online due to the circumstances created by the pandemic. He said that with the spread of COVID-19 in March last year, people around the world were faced with a new reality, unknown and uncertain to all of us. “States and peoples had to adapt to a new, unusual life so far removed from normal life in order to survive.”

According to him, scientists around the world have worked hard to invent a vaccine that will boost humanity’s immunity to COVID-19. Several types of vaccines have been invented and managed to be distributed in different parts of the world. “This new precarious situation has taught us that we need innovations and new styles of work and management to overcome these challenges and make our lives easier,” he said.

Rector Musaj, expressed confidence that the “Third International Conference on Global Competitiveness and Innovation Management” will serve as a meeting place for academics, decision makers, the business community who during these three days of the conference will share their best experiences. good for global competitiveness in the context created by Covid-19, such as innovation management etc.

Multidisciplinary International Conference on Geosciences- "GEOSCIENCES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT"
13-14 October 2022, Mitrovicë, Kosova