Florina Thaçi – was a student of the Faculty of Economics, respectively Department of Management and Informatics at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”. As a student Florina was very engaged and open to collaborations and she was involved in many activities in the field where she studied and not only.

She is currently working as the “Head of Administration” at KAN LLC – KFC Kosovo and continues her postgraduate studies at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, Faculty of Economics, Masters, Management and Informatics, 2nd year.

She says that a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Informatics, more precisely at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, can have a number of expected and unexpected benefits to the life of each student who attended. “In fact, these benefits often extend beyond professional goals and are applicable to personal life as well. The sense of achievement, education and skills gained from studies have improved my confidence as I embarked on my journey into the business world. ”

According to her, much of the knowledge and skills she gained from studies are applicable to many industries. “I have become more capable and versatile, regardless of industry or job title, thanks to widely applicable qualities like leadership, critical thinking, analytical and human relationships,” says Florina.

She points out that to graduate from the University of Mitrovica, she had to attend classes and study lectures, submit assignments and projects on time, and push herself to work through rigorous, complex subjects. “All of this requires a level of self-discipline that I have cultivated with time and effort while working through studies in Management and Informatics, which has helped me in professional development as each job assignment requires a set timeframe. to be completed ”.

The first steps in the company where he is currently employed were as an assistant in the Department of Administration, which was a challenge in itself to survive in such a dynamic work environment and above all. “By being able to practice the knowledge gained during my studies in the field of Management for one calendar year I managed to lead the Department in which I was an assistant.”

Through various modules over the course of three years of studies, they have transformed educational knowledge into practical work, which it still practices today in its current workplace and position. As a leader in the Department of Administration, she needs to know the basics of any successful business that is finance, so through financial subjects like Financial Management and Accounting she has learned how to read and understand financial statements, business plan creation, design and implementation business strategy, hiring the right people, keeping employees motivated, collecting and interpreting data etc.

All these and many other modern techniques such as teaching English, training in MS Office programs and business research databases have had a positive impact on professional development and all this is thanks to the dedication of the professors and the study program. offered at the University of Mitrovica.

Florina Thaqi