FFT Holds A Meeting For The Realization Of The DualAFS Project Within The Program Of The European Union Erasmus +

FFT holds a meeting for the realization of the DualAFS project within the program of the European Union Erasmus +

The first meeting of the working group of the Faculty of Food Technology(FFT) for the…

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The Food Wave Project Opens Calls For Project Idea Proposals

The Food Wave Project opens calls for project idea proposals

Are you a youth-led small Civil Society Organization promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns to…

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  • Assessment commission for teaching quality

    Assessment commission for teaching quality

    1. Asoc. Dr. Milaim Sadiku, chairman
    2. Ass. Dr. Besire Cena, member
    3. Asoc. Dr. Aziz Behrami, member
    4. Dr. Nushe Lajçi, member
    5. Arbër Hyseni, member
  • Commission for complaints

    Commission for complaints


    1. Dr. Blerim Baruti, chairman
    2. Ass. Dr. Flora Ferati, member
    3. Djellza zejnullahu, member
  • Commission for reviewing the program of study

    Commission for reviewing the program of study and admission of grades during the transfer of students from one program to another


    1. Asoc. Dr. Mehush Aliu, chairman
    2. Dr. Blerim Baruti, member
    3. Asoc. Dr. Mensur Kelmendi, member
  • Disciplinary commission

    Disciplinary commission


    1. Asoc. Dr. Florent Dobroshi, chairman
    2. Ass. Dr. Fatos Rexhepi, member
    3. Fjolla Latifi, member
  • Commission of Studies

    Commission of Studies


    1. Asoc. Dr. Mensur Kelmendi, chairman
    2. Dr. Blerim Baruti, member
    3. Dr. Dilaver Salihu, member
    4. Asoc. Dr. Ismet Mulliqi, member
    5. Asoc. Dr. Sadija Kadriu, member
    6. Asoc. Dr. Mehush Aliu, member
    7. Malësore Pllana, member
    8. Fjolla Latifi, member
    9. Veton Sejdaj, member

Academic Staff




(5-6 April) University-Industry Collaboration ConferenceUICC
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