The Central Administration of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”

Name and SurnamePositionEmail
Besim KurtiDirector of the Office for Budget and Finance[email protected]
Sadete AzemiPersonnel Office Manager[email protected]
Ahmet JashariDirector of the office for Public Information and Communication [email protected]
Lulzim BunjakuDirector of the Office for Information Technology[email protected]
Zymber HalitiNetwork Administrator[email protected]
Kastriot XhemaDirector of Student Services Office[email protected]
Elmaze MuharremiHead of Procurement Office[email protected]
Fjolla BerishaWebsite Administrator[email protected]
Dafina AliqiCertifying Officer[email protected]
Shkëndije HasaniBudget Commitment Officer[email protected]
Albana BrojaOfficer of Wealth[email protected]
Dorina ÇitakuOfficer for Personel[email protected]
Burim HasaniSenior Budget and Finance Officer[email protected]
Sadete GërguriSenior officer for teaching issues[email protected]
Driton PreshevaInfrastructure and Object Management Officer[email protected]
Ermira SopaDirector of the office for academic issues[email protected]
Alban FazliuSenior career development officer[email protected]
Esma KëpuziSenior procurement officer[email protected]
Erzen IsufiFinancial Revenue Officer[email protected]
Flaoreta SpahiuExpenditure Officer[email protected]
Valentina BajramiStudent Services Officer[email protected]
Ermira AliqiAdministrative Officer[email protected]
Bardhyl MiftariInformation Technology Officer[email protected]
Ensar SumaLegal officer 2 Arberie XhylaniArchive official 2 Abit DibraniTechnical officer of control and maintenance of facilities
Raif VeliuWarehouse Officer
Selvije SalihuWorker in the buffet
Petrit SalihuVozites