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The University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”- UMIB is a higher education institution at the regional level of the municipality of Mitrovica. As such, the students’ and academic staff’ s (AS) research work will work in line with academic values, in achieving greater excellence and creativity in learning and research. Open and productive cooperation will support the development of society, economy, and culture. They are based on the basic principles of knowledge, creativity, innovation, and sustainable development.

The University’s mission and vision are based on the future of our country’s goals, aiming at the processes of change, reform, and transitions to a democratic society, the rules of law, and the free market economy. There is no doubt that in this new era, new knowledge is needed. It will indicate a step forward to a new world view, a different approach to the economy, to the legal system, health care, and a step forward to the distribution of information and knowledge.

The University is based on the European Knowledge School, i.e. it is based on the experience of the most successful and developed countries in the field of economics and technology. This means that the learning process and educational standards should produce educated personnel with focused knowledge in multi-disciplinary areas in developing students’ creative skills.

The University’s social mission is focused on education and educating the future staff and leaders who will be capable to create a sustainable social, economic and technological strategy of the country.  Therefore, the new academic generation will be able to cope with civil, economic and future challenges.

For the purpose of education and scientific-research development, a highly merited staff is engaged; a staff whose competence coefficient is in line with their knowledge.  It is also in line their ability and readiness to take responsibility for the reconstitution of their local and global community, and the transformation of these communities into “knowledge society” and “learning society”.

The University will also implement lifelong learning principles in terms of achievements of fundamental human rights in education and learning. They include student and professor mobility, the “European dimension” (values of a united Europe) of higher education, quality assurance, quality control and assessment, student-centered education, promotion, transparency, and all forms of assessment and student achievement system; making the university as an incubator of educational activities and a career center.


The Mission and Vision of the University are based on these academic principles:

  • The University is a public good;
  • The University is independent in the field of education and research, fully responsible for its actions;
  • Teachers have academic freedom in lesson planning and teaching; in accordance with relevant scientific and methodological knowledge, and in conformity with the accepted study program and University’ s criteria.
  • Perfection is achieved by spreading education, research, and creation;
  • All students, academic staff and applicants have equal opportunities to participate in education and research, based on their personal competencies and interests;
  • Academic work is based on honesty, trust, justice, and mutual respect.



The UMIB is a public higher education institution with a teaching, scientific and innovative implication. As such, the main purpose of its mission is to provide modern and dynamic study programs, scientific research, artistic creativity, and professional advice.   It also includes other areas of academic activities that are appropriately applicable to global principles and society demands. Consequently, the UMIB will provide qualitative education, research, and innovation to the citizens of Kosovo and foreigners. It will prepare competitive students for a competitive job market and future leaders in relevant fields of Technical Sciences, such as Geosciences, Machinery, Informatics, Technology Food, as well as Social Sciences, such as Economics, Law, and Education.

Through its national and international activities, the UMIB will also devote itself to cultivating tolerance, enhancing quality, and providing the most favorable research environment for staff and students. It will also harness skills and competencies that enhance competition in regional, national, European and global level, including the skills for the global labor market and the academic community. All this will be achieved through teaching and research, and scientific work; through the specialized academic staff in relevant fields and by utilizing the most advanced technology so as to demonstrate the practical relevance of work.  The University, as an educational and research institution, is convinced that the overall development of society can be achieved by human capacity building in all areas of life.


Its mission is:


  • To act as a leading center for the advancement of knowledge, ideas, and science in Kosovo’ s

higher education system;

  • To play the leading role in the enhancement of education, science, culture, society and the

economy of Kosovo;

  • To assist in the process of promoting civic democracy
  • To seek to create and support the highest standards in teaching and learning, scientific research

and artistic work;

  • To utilize its resources in the most efficient way;
  • To fully cooperate and participate in all higher educational activities at the regional, national,

and international levels;

  • To adjust European standards;
  • To fully integrate into the European Area of Higher Education (in line with the Bologna

The declaration, the Lisbon Recognition Convention and the European Research Area) and

to take the appropriate reform steps necessary to achieve this objective;

  • To create and transmit knowledge, and to develop and protect it through teaching, research

and innovation, as well as through other services in the fields of educational sciences.




The University of Mitrovica aims to be one of the leading public institutions of higher education and scientific research in the Republic of Kosovo.  It is focused on quality development, the quality of teaching and research, as well as, on the active participation in debates; and to support the overall economic and social development in the Republic of Kosovo.

By 2021, UMIB aims to become an open, appealing higher education institution not only within the Republic of Kosovo but also beyond its boundaries; That is, it aims to become a regional, national, and international well-known higher education with clear goals for developing future professions, and continuous involvement of the academic staff in solving current social issues in the region, and beyond.

We define the vision and the desired effect as a broad idea of the UMIB in accordance with the existing legal framework. A broad-based concept of the UMIB (2018 – 2021) is important and necessary for sustainable development, particularly in terms of achieving the defined goals.

Based on scientific work and educational results, the UMIB is recognized as an important institution in the field of technical sciences. It is achieved through the education of engineers at all levels and various profiles in technical sciences.  In addition, social sciences are present in all spheres of everyday life and have an important place for building a brighter and more prosperous future for Kosovar citizens.