Quality Meassurment Instruments Package2022PDF
Regulation on Quality Assurance and Evaluation11-07-2022PDF
Quality Assurance Guideline12-28-2022PDF
ECTS Flyer04-21-2021PDF
Improvement plan for the 2022 year12-20-2022PDF
Improvement plan for the 2021 year12-20-2021PDF
Regulation on the work of CCQAE11-03-2020PDF
Quality Meassurment Instruments Package- QATEK09-01-2022PDF
Quality Measurement Instruments Package09-02-2021PDF
Quality Meassurment Instruments Package09-01-2020PDF
Regulation of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation at UMIB05-24-2018PDF
Package of the Quality Instruments09-01-2019PDF
ECTS User Guide10-30-2019PDF
Key Performance Indicators02-07-2020PDF
Guideline for Quality Assurance at UMIB04-30-2020PDF