The composition of the senate

  1. Prof. dr. Alush Musaj – rector, leader of the Senate
  2. Prof. ass. dr. Merita Shala  – vice rector
  3. Prof. dr. Behxhet Shala – vice rector
  4. Prof. ass. dr. Ajtene Avdullahi  – vice rector
  5. Prof. dr. Naser Peci – dean of the Faculty of Geosciences
  6. Prof. dr. Gani Maliqi – professor in the Faculty of Geosciences
  7. Prof. asoc. dr. Milaim Sadiku – dean of the Faculty of Food Technology
  8. Prof. ass. dr. Aziz Behrami- member
  9. Prof. dr. Hakif Zeqiri – dean of the Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering
  10. Dr. sc. Fitim Zeqiri, assistant – member
  11. Prof. asoc. dr. Agron Beka  – dean of the Faculty of Law
  12. Ass. Mimoza Aliu, member
  13. Prof. ass. dr. Qazim Tmava – dean of the Faculty of Economics
  14. Ass. Milaim Mehmeti, member
  15. Besim Gollopeni- dean of the Faculty of Education
  16. Msc. Ylli Hashani- member
  17. Lulzim Bunjaku –  administration
  18. Ensar Suma – Students’ parliament
  19. Shahin Gashi- member

Study commission members