Quality Assurance Office

An independent office which reports directly to the Rector of UMIB. This office engages in enhancing the quality at UMIB by implementing all institutional policies. The office is staffed by quality officers, recruited through a public competition. Quality officers are not part of the UMIB academic staff. The office carries out quality measurement using all the instruments contained in the UMIB set of quality measurement instrument. The Office drafts reports containing findings and recommendations for each administered questionnaire and submits them to the Rector of UMIB. The office also sends findings  to the Dean of the academic unit for the purposes of planning academic staff development and continuous improvement.

Office staff

Elvis Feka, PhD.

Senior Quality Assurance Officer

University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”

Mob:  +383 (0) 49 861 361

E-mail: elvis.feka@umib.net

Web: www.umib.net


Faculty of Geosciences

Dr. sc. Sabri Avdullahi


Faculty of Food Technology

Dr. Sc. Mehush Aliu


Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering

Prof. Ass. Dr. Muzafer Shala


Faculty of Law

Prof. Ass. Dr.Besnik Murati

Faculty of Economics

Filloreta Demiri Kunoviku, PhD c.


Faculty of Education

Leonora Çarkaj, PhD c.


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A simulation of the re-accreditation process was organized

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Training on quality measurement platform

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The Office For Quality Assurance Has Organized A Student Information Session On ECTS

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