• Merita Shala, (Vice Rector) – Chairwoman of the commission;

  • Zahir Çerkini, (Professor) – Central Coordinator for Academic Development;

  • Muzafer Shala, (Professor) – Member;

  • Mehush Aliu, (Professor) – Member;

  • Izet Ibrahimi, (Professor) – Member;

  • Filloreta Demiri, (Assistant) – Member;

  • Albulena Grajçevci, (Assistant) – Member;

  • Mimoza Aliu, (Assistant) – Member;

  • Mërgime Halili, (Students) – Member


CCQAE has the duty to:

  1. design a guide for quality assurance assessment activities;
  2. design instruments for qualitative and quantitative assessment;
  3. draft and review assessment / self-assessment reports;
  4. review self-assessment reports for institutional and program accreditation;
  5. review self-assessment reports for institutional re-accreditation and programs related to the level of addressing issues raised by the KAA;
  6. approve the members of the working groups for the realization of the assessments as needed;
  7. manage the process of publishing evaluation reports.