Quality development of international cooperation and project management / QUADIC

The aim of the project is establish and to strength those existing thirteen fully functional offices of international cooperation in Kosovo and Albania that will also include the function of project cycle management. Currently, none of the new public universities in Kosovo and in Albania has the capacity to run an International Cooperation Office in a full manner, at a time when over 50% of students in European Higher Education institutions are studying or participating in one or another form of international studies and when a significant part of university life takes place in the form of various exchanges and mobilities. This makes it of paramount importance to build respective capacity in the Consortium members. This will ultimately contribute substantially to the quality of provision and will enrich university life and experiences of the student population in Kosovo and in Albania. Therefore, having in mind the possibility of Erasmus + project to support this idea, we initiated this idea of working as a consortium on developing this idea. The project will have very high importance in addressing increasing isolation, lack of quality international cooperation and lack of project initiatives from Kosovo and Albania universities.


QUADIC – A Meeting Was Held To Distribute The Project’s Achievements

QUADIC – A meeting was held to distribute the project’s achievements

On May 9-13, 2023, the meeting of partners of the European project, Quality Development of…

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QUADIC – The Next Workshop Begins

QUADIC – the next workshop begins

In the framework of the activities of the QUADIC project - Quality development of international…

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The Workshop On New Approaches To Internationalization And Their Implications In University Strategies Is Held At UIBM – QUADIC

The workshop on new approaches to internationalization and their implications in university strategies is held at UIBM – QUADIC

At UIBM, the workshop on new approaches to internationalization and their implications in university strategies,…

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QUADIC Project: The EU Experiences On IC/PM Structures And Processes – The Best Practice Examples

QUADIC project: The EU experiences on IC/PM structures and processes – the best practice examples

UIBM staff participated in the QUADIC (Quality Development of International Cooperation and Project Management) capacity-building…

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