Advisory Body at the Faculty of Law, with the following composition:

Shpëtim Peci – Prosecutor (Special Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kosovo) – Chairman of the Advisory Board;

Vesel Ismajli – Judge (Special Department) at the Basic Court in Pristina – member;

Ganimete Xhelili, President of the Chamber of Mediators of Kosovo – member;

Fatmir Behrami – Prosecutor (Department for Juveniles) in the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina – member;

Kushtrim Shyti – Judge (Department for Serious Crimes) at the Basic Court in Pristina – member;

Nebih Halili – Correctional Service of Kosovo / Ministry of Justice – member;

Besim Parduzi – lawyer (Kosovo Bar Association) – member;

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Islam Qerimi, Dean of Law Faculty – UIBM – member;

Prof. Asst. Dr. Perparim Gruda –  Professor of Law Faculty – UIBM  – member;

Prof. Asst. Dr. Arbnor Ajeti – Vice-dean for quality and international relations of Law Faculty – UIBM – member;

Prof. Asst. Dr. Zahir Çerkini – Professor of Law Faculty – UIBM – member;

Assistant Milaim Mehmeti, PhD(c) UIBM Faculty of Economics– member;