Call for Applications – Young Cell Scheme Round XIII, EU Postgraduate Scholarship Programme

The Office of the European Union in Kosovo and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo, announce the opening of the competition for Round XIII of the application for the Young Cell Scheme, an EU program for post-graduate scholarships for citizens of Kosovo, which is implemented by the Consortium: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and National Institute for Public Services, France.

Applications will be open from Friday 2 December 2022 to Tuesday 27 December 2022
2022. Successful candidates will be offered the opportunity to study in one- or two-year Master Programs at universities in EU member states.

The Scholarship Program, whose working language is English, will offer up to 45 full scholarships (the actual number of scholarships offered may be less depending on the eligibility of candidates and available funds).

This invitation will be open to the general population and civil servants and to graduate students in faculties such as: law, public administration, human resource management, economics, finance, management, energy, environment and climate change, transport, science of applied and
social sciences and other academic fields (as specified in the Rules of Procedure available on the official website of the program at and in accordance with the following sectors:
This invitation will be open to the general public and civil servants in the following areas:

 Legal (including EU law) up to 11 scholarships available
 Public Administration and Good Governance (including Human Resource Management) up to 8
scholarships available
 Economics, Finance, Management (including Public Health Management) up to 11 scholarships in
 Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Transport, up to 11 scholarships available
 International Relations and Diplomacy (including Defense and Security), up to 4 scholarships in

Applicants who are:

 Residents of Kosovo with a valid passport of Kosovo or with an identity card issued by
Kosovar authorities or those who provide evidence of birth and residence in Kosovo (see
re: birth certificate and residence certificate are both required in cases where neither
ID cannot be provided).
 Graduates in one of the fields of studies belonging to the sectors
 They speak English and Albanian or Serbian fluently.
 They were born on or after January 1, 1988

The scholarships will cover the expenses, as follows:
 Application and tuition fees
 Living expenses
 Visa expenses & health insurance
 One return trip ticket
 Preparatory English language training for the IELTS English language test (in case
studies will be done in another EU language, other required language tests may also
to be reimbursed)