Cooperation continues within the project “Ecodairy”

In the framework of the Ecodairy project, on 12.02.2018, the Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Milaim Sadiku received a Dutch delegation consisting of a senior food engineering expert and professors from the University of Applied Sciences “Van Hall Larenstein”. The delegation consisted of Klaas Visscher, Koos de Vries, Sjaak Vanburgsteden, Reinier Zaal. They were accompanied by Vehbi Duraku and Afrim Berisha. The coordinator of this project, MSc Bahtir Hyseni, was also present at the meeting It was the conclusion of both parties that the cooperation and realization of the project up to this stage is satisfactory.

Subsequently, in the framework of this project, the parties focused on two issues:

1. Optimization of aerobic treatment and anaerobic treatment;

2. Food safety and CIP.

It was pointed out that in early March, two students of Van Hall Larenstein University, as part of the Erasmus exchange program, will research and implement an optimization program in the wastewater treatment plant from the Bylmeti dairy within 3 months.

Two students of the Faculty of Food Technology will also be part of this research. Two students of the Faculty of Food Technology will also be part of the food safety research.

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