The Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering is a continuation of the Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences at the same time the former High Technical School in Mitrovica, which opened in 1961 and was financially supported by Trepça. The High Technical School in Mitrovica was established with the decision of the Executive Council of Kosovo no. 2671 dated 10 May 1961, Kosovo’s official gazette no. 25/61. In the first year, 42 regular students and 32 correspondents were enrolled. First Graduate Engineers graduated in June 1963. The Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences in Mitrovica was a continuation of the former High School of Engineering in Mitrovica transformed under the Decision of the Steering Council of the University of Prishtina no. 5/229 of 05.09.2005. In the academic year 1991/92, 80 new students were admitted to the former Technical High School (SHLT) in the first year, 40 students in the machinery branch and 40 in the Electrotechnical branch. While in the second year there were 140 students in both directions. In the academic year 1993/94, according to the Decree Law on Higher Education in Kosovo, the former School harmonized and approved the School Statute and all normative acts, creating the legal conditions for the transformation of the school. In this year, the former School Committee commissions proposed the School Curriculum, where the 4 semstra transformation took place in 5 semesters and new branches were opened: Telecommunication and Informatics, Energy, Manufacturing Machinery, and Thermo Energetics, which were approved by the Council Teaching and Senate of the University of Prishtina. With the adoption of the Law on Higher Education by the Assembly of Kosovo on 12.05.2003, the Senate of the University of Prishtina on 05.07.2004 approved the statute of the University, which foresees that in the one year period the former High Schools be transformed into Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences. High Technical School, transformed into the Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences with the Depertaments: Industrial Machinery and Engineering Informatics. Also, the Bologna study program starts to apply, the Bachelor system, and the ECTS credit system, where studies last for three years (six semesters). The Faculty in 2005 has opened the Library for Students and Teachers, which is completed with 162 titles with a total of 834 books serving for students and academic staff. At the meeting of the Faculty of Applied Sciences Council, held on 16/07/2013, proposes to the Founding Council of UMIB that the Faculty of Applied Sciences be appointed Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. At the meeting held on 22.07.2013, the Steering Council of UMIB has adopted the Temporary Statute of UMIB. With the Statute, the existing faculties were reorganized and three new faculties were established. Among them was the proposal of the Faculty Council of Applied Sciences for the name change at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.