The foundation of the Advisory Board of UMIB

The University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB) is open to businesses in order to create opportunities for increased mutual cooperation and benefit. As a result, at a joint meeting held on Monday in the rectors, UMIB leaders with business leaders and representatives agreed on the establishment of the Advisory Board of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”.

The UMIB Rector, Alush Musaj, thanked businesses for their support and readiness to become part of the board through this board. “Collaboration of the University with businesses has an impact on the quality of the staff we produce. Through this board businesses will be able to influence the development of new programs that are needed for our economy, “said Rector Musaj.

Meanwhile, dean of the Faculty of Economics, Besart Hajrizi, stressed that the opening of the University for Businesses is very important. “The idea is for universities to take place in entrepreneurial universities. Collaboration between the University and the businesses is at best mutual, “he said.

The establishment of the UMIB Advisory Board also supports the managers and business representatives who were present at the meeting. They said that it is necessary to deepen cooperation that will help develop new programs that will produce the necessary staff for the labor market.

The leaders present at the meeting decided that the chairman of the Advisory Board should be Visar Idrizi, vice chairman, Sami Ferizi and secretary, Shpat Musliu. They pledged engagement so that the board would give its own fruit as far as university cooperation with businesses is concerned.

Otherwise, in the charter of this board, it is said that the purpose is to connect all businesses, to establish continuous cooperation and establish links between businesses and the University.