Mission –

The mission of the Alumni Association is to provide strong communication links between the University, students and alumni to promote a spirit of unity, cooperation and loyalty among them, as well as to enhance the image of the University and all Alumni members.

Alumni programs serve as a link bridge between students and alumni by keeping them informed and interested in the continuous development of the University and opportunities for cooperation.

The “Isa Boletini” University aims to provide Alumni network with continuous support by seeing them as an inevitable asset and of a special importance. In this way all Alumni will:

  • Be kept informed and interested in the continuous development of the University;
  •  Be regularly invited to actively participate in: conferences, events, seminars, trainings, and public lectures with a view to professional advancement of graduates;
  • Have access to Career Services for Alumni;
  • Be invited to enroll in order to create a database of graduates with their data to enable their easier access to the labor market;
  • Be announced for announced vacancies;
  • Be invited to participate in international scientific and professional exchanges through relationships with Alumni associations of the region and beyond;
  • Be encouraged to develop University collaboration with enterprises and institutions in which Alumni members are engaged;
  • Share with the members of the Alumni Success Stories Association;
  • Be invited to Alumni Day organization.