New book by the academic staff of the Faculty of Law!

Professor of law faculty of the University “Isa Boletini”-Mitrovica, Besnik Murati has published the book – monographic study entitled: “Statehood of Kosovo in terms of international legitimacy and preventive diplomacy”.

Professor Murati said: “This monographic study is the result of several years of work, treated chronologically, using holistically the facts and arguments for and against Kosovo’s statehood, especially when it is in question kosovo’s right to legality and legitimacy and the role of preventive diplomacy.”

For this achievement of Professor Murati, on behalf of the Faculty of Law, he congratulated the Dean of this Faculty, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Islam Qerimi, who emphasized that “this book is also a victory of our faculty and will be a good source of reference for our students, when it comes to this topic that enters within the field of international law”!