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QATEK – Acceptance of university textbooks that enrich the library of the Faculty of Education

Within the activities of the QATEK project: Towards a quality oriented system for primary education to increase the professionalism of teachers in Kosovo-Towards Quality Oriented System of Initial Teacher Education to Increase Teacher Professionalism in Kosovo, on February 16, 2022, Vice Rector for Cooperation International and Scientific Research Prof.dr. Behxhet Shala and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof.ass.dr. Samire Bllaca Balaj, participated in the acceptance of the university textbook for the enrichment of the library of the Faculty of Education.

This project activity has aimed at purchasing modern textbooks for modeling the provision of quality education to future teaching students of the Faculty of Education. The Faculty of Education at the University of Prishtina, as project coordinator, handed over the purchased textbooks to the representatives of the “Isa Boletini” University of Mitrovica and other partners. The purchased texts are all in English and published in the last five years.

In this ceremonial event, the Rector of the University of Prishtina, Prof. dr. Naser Sahiti commended the QATEK project initiative by discussing the importance of literature in improving the quality of education for future teachers. The representatives of the partners showed the extraordinary support they have received from the QATEK project in the efforts for the development of the professionalism of the new teachers.

ERASMUS + QATEK project coordinator, Prof. assoc. dr. Blerim Saqipi considers the provision of new textbooks as a contribution that will help teachers to model the implementation of student-centered teaching, towards the initial education of quality-oriented teachers in Kosovo.