Punetoria Rajonale

Regional workshop on the future of higher education in agricultural sciences is held

On 01-02.11.2021 at the Agricultural University of Tirana (UBT) within the DualAFS project was held a workshop on the future of higher education in agricultural sciences. The workshop was attended by representatives of all project partners. In this meeting from the Faculty of Food Technology – UIBM participated Prof.Asoc. Valdet Gjinovci, Ass.Dr. Bahtir Hyseni and Ass.MSc. Arbër Hyseni.

Katie Partanen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) gave a presentation on the challenges and future of agricultural sciences. The results of the working package (WP2) on higher education in agricultural sciences in Albania and Kosovo were presented at the workshop. Prof. Hannu Viitala from SUAS via online presentation discussed the role of e-learning and the use of short courses for continuous learning.

At the end, a discussion panel was held on this topic led by Prof. Dr. Fatbardh Sallaku, rector of UBT, which was attended by experts in the field and a representative of Albanian businesses. The discussion was evaluated as fruitful and with this discussion, the workshop was closed.