The academic staff of the Faculty of Economics is conducting a Research Postdoc at the University of Graz, Austria

Professor Ajtene Avdullahi from the Faculty of Economics at the University Isa Boletini Mitrovica is conducting a Postdoc at the University of Graz, Austria. This Postdoc research is supported by the HERAS+ scholarship program. Throughout this PostDoc, Professor Ajtene is collaborating closely with the academic staff of the University of Graz on scientific research in the field of Entrepreneurship.

During this period, she has visited many laboratories of the University of Graz, as well as the Technical University of Graz. She has also participated in the 25th Doctoral Congress. Recently, Professor Ajtene was invited by the Startup and Innovation Hub – Unicorn, to participate in the “University Meetup, Austria x Slovenia” event, focusing on “Exploring the digital transformation of universities in Austria and Slovenia.” At this event, she met representatives from universities in Slovenia and Austria, as well as members of the business community from both countries. During her stay, Professor Ajtene is exploring the opportunities of enhancing the cooperation between the University Isa Boletini Mitrovica and the University of Graz.