Qatek 2.1

The closing conference of the QATEK project

QATEK project marked the culmination of an incredible journey as we proudly presented the achievements, a groundbreaking initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, aimed at enhancing the quality of teacher education in Kosovo.

In the execution of the QATEK project, coordinated by the University of Pristina, European partners, including the University of Tallinn, University of Ljubljana, and LUMSA University, played a pivotal role in supporting faculties of education in the University of Pristina, Mitrovica, Gjakova, and Gjilan. Together, this collaborative effort has not only met but exceeded expectations, creating a transformative impact on teacher education in the local context.


Some of the remarkable accomplishments shared at the conference include:

Institutionalization of 3 policies and a comprehensive package for internal quality assurance mechanisms

Development of over 4 strategic plans for institutional changes.

Revision of more than 20 course syllabi

Acquisition of over 250 books and modern technological equipment

Implementation of two capacity building programs for over 40 staff members

Publication of a monograph and the establishment of a magazine for teachers.

Organization of 3 symposiums with key stakeholders focusing on quality teacher education.


We were honored to have the Minister of Education, Mrs. Arbërie Nagavci, endorse the project, highlighting its critical role in improving the quality of education across all aspects. The rector of UP, Prof.Dr. Qerim Qerimi, emphasized the multifaceted importance of the QATEK Project, particularly in developing internal quality mechanisms and fostering European quality assurance practices in teacher education.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Prof.Assoc.Dr. Blerim Saqipi, the coordinator of the QATEK project and the Dean of the Faculty of Education, for his unwavering commitment and leadership. Dean Saqipi highlighted the significant strides made in teacher education, acknowledging the challenges posed by rapid technological and social developments. The QATEK project, he emphasized, has equipped Faculties of Education to navigate these changes and propel the reform agenda forward.

Today, we celebrate not just the end of a project, but the beginning of a new era in teacher education. Together, we’ve laid the foundation for a future where teacher education is not just a process but a transformative experience.

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