The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Qerimi hosted the students who have completed their professional practice in the court

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Islam Qerimi, hosted a group of students of this faculty, who have successfully completed their professional practice at the court. He congratulated them and others, who have followed this practice-professional skill, wishing you that legal theory and practice can be combined and applied as correctly as possible in solving hypothetical cases in the faculty, as well as in the future throughout the exercise of the legal profession in the justice institutions where they will be engaged.

Dean Qerimi, I also wish the other students, who are now following this practice, in which case I ask them to be as successful as possible and to represent the faculty in judicial bodies as prominently in terms of legal knowledge and which is acquired by the diligent staff in this faculty.

The students participating in this meeting thanked the dean and the management of this faculty for the opportunity given to them during their studies in this faculty to follow the 3-month practice in the court.