The first training module for students “Media Education” is organized

In the premises of Isa Boletini University in Mitrovica, as part of cooperation with the OSCE Mission, a seminar on improving media literacy was organized.

The seminars, which will continue, provide participating students with key media literacy skills, delving into specific topics such as detection of fake news, the role of advertising in constructing identities, children as a special media audience, entertainment in the media and privacy issues. More than 100 students from different faculties of UIBM, especially from the Faculty of Education, participated in the first seminar.

It is further foreseen that the production of a comprehensive media literacy curriculum for higher education that was developed in 2019 together with the Department of Journalism of the UP, to be integrated as a core course, and the OSCE Mission will continue supporting higher education in Kosovo to achieve this goal