The monograph: “Selim Spahiu – flame of educational knowledge”, by the author, Fazli Hajrizi, was promoted

At the “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica (UIBM) the monograph: “Selim Spahiu – flame of educational knowledge”, authored by Professor Fazli Hajrizi, was promoted on Wednesday. Present at this promotion, in addition to UIBM leaders, were also many personalities of cultural and social life in the country.

The rector of UIBM, prof.dr. Alush Musaj thanked the organizers who have chosen the University for organizing this promotion, gathering prominent personalities from all over the country. “We feel honored by your presence and anyway by the work that is being promoted here today, dedicated to an outstanding figure of educational life, a patriot and a progressive of the time, as Selim Spahiu was”.

Rector Musaj said that cultivating a sense of gratitude and respect for our people, for those who have opened the paths of education for entire generations and who have contributed to the overall development of society, remains a duty and obligation. “By promoting this monograph on Selim Spahiu, we honor generations of personalities of our nation, who have given a lot. but they are anathema and forgotten”, he said.

The editor, Daut Demaku, and the reviewer, prof.dr., spoke about the book. Sala Ahmeti, while the ex-president, Fatmir Sejdiu, gave a speech of greeting. The former ambassador, Avni Spahiu, spoke on behalf of the family, while the author of the monograph, Fazli Hajrizi, thanked all those who have supported him in the realization of this work.