The proceedings of the “XIX Balkan Mineral Processing Congress (XIX BMPC)” concluded

The “XIX Balkan Mineral Processing Congress (XIX BMPC)”, which was held for the first time in Kosovo (Mitrovice), has concluded. On the second day, the participants of this congress, which was organized by “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica (UIBM) and the Institute of Mineral and Waste Enrichment, Energy and Environment, visited the university campus in Mitrovica, the company “Trepça”, “NewCoFerroniceli” etc. ,.

The rector of UIBM, prof. dr. Alush Musaj accompanied the participants on the last day of the congress during the visit to the university campus. He thanked the president of the “Congress”, prof.dr. Guven Onal, for organizing this important event in Mitrovica.

The organization of the “Congress” has also been supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Geological Service of Kosovo, the Department of Mines, “Trepça”, the Energy Corporation of Kosovo (KEK), “NewCoFerroniceli”, “SharrCem”, etc.