Foto Rahime Erbas (1)

The professor Rahime Erbaş from Istanbul University- Faculty of Law, held an online lecture for UIBM Faculty of Law students, on the topic: “Restorative Justice for Criminal Matters in Turkey”.

Professor Erbaş for the students of the Faculty of Law had selected the presented topic in relation to the legal regulations and the reforms that have favored the implementation of restorative justice in Turkish criminal law. The Turkish professor compared the advantages of conflict resolution through this mechanism in relation to the classic criminal procedure. Among other things, she emphasized that restorative justice in Turkish criminal (procedural) law has been shown to be useful because it has been proven that it has been effective in preventing crime and conflict. It focused mainly on the issue that victim-perpetrator procedural reconciliation brings together the parties who have been directly affected by the crime in the presence of a facilitator who encourages dialogue between them. The lecture was made even more interesting by the participation of professor Sadmir Karović from the University of Travnik, who discussed the topic taught by the Turkish professor from the current retrospective of criminal law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the lecture, the professors of the three universities: Islam Qerimi, Rahime Erbaş and Sadmir Karović agreed to deepen such cooperation in the future through cooperation memoranda, which was especially welcomed by the students of the Faculty hosting this online lecture.