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The American student helping students of the University of Mitrovica

Only one month in Kosovo, more precisely in Mitrovica, but it was enough for the American student, Dimitri Diagne, to learn a few words in Albanian. However, his engagement has to do more with English, for which throughout the academic year 2018/19 he will be available to students of the Faculty of Education at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”.

As a scholarship beneficiary from the Full-Bright Program, he will stay at Isa Boletini University from October to June next year, helping students increase English language level. Also during lectures and student work, he will try to disclose information about history and culture in America as well.

The American student is very pleased with the reception of professors and students. “I’m exceptionally well received by everyone. The professors are very entertaining, while the students are very energetic. ”

He says that for Kosovo he has heard another confession from the one that is in reality. “The information about Kosovo is different, other is reality,” he says, pointing out the great religious tolerance that exists in Kosovo.

He says that unlike the US in Kosovo there are no religious stereotypes. “I have noticed that Kosovo is a small country, but with a great culture and history”.