Role and duties of the office

 International partnership is achieved through:

  1. Membership in Higher Education Associations in Europe and beyond;
  2. Increasing the number of Agreements with international institutions of higher education.


The activities that must be undertaken

  1. Cooperation with existing partners;
  2. Identification of priority agreements;
  3. Membership in various international associations;
  4. Financial support.



ZBN circulates information about the possibilities for furniture. The ZBN is competent to communicate with the faculties regarding the procedure and to provide administrative support for students and academic staff before, during and after the stay abroad.

Office staff

Abdullah Sadiku          Senios Official for Projects and Programs

Email: [email protected]  

Elvedina Ismajli            Official for International Cooperation and Scientific research


Email: [email protected]


Official office email:  [email protected]