Activities marking the 6th anniversary of UMIB

Activities marking the 6th anniversary of Isa Boletini University in Mitrovica were closed on Wednesday with “Alumni Day”, attended by leaders and members of the UMIB Board of Directors, rector, deans, teachers, students and former students. The organization of the “Alumni Day” has been regarded as a very important event for the University on its 6th anniversary.

The Rector, Prof. Dr. Alush Musaj, has welcomed and thanked everyone for the activities organized during these days. As for “Alumni Day”, he said this is another important event taking place at the University, given that this anniversary is being celebrated on the new university campus.

He said it has been a week full of activities, co-organized with students, that have revitalized the university campus. “The vibrancy of the campus reflects our shared commitment to enhancing towards a better knowledge and education. On this occasion, I would like to thank the leaders of the “Alumni Association” for this organization, and I would like to thank the leaders of the Student Parliament and all those who helped organize the activities during these days, “said Rector Musaj.

He noted that the anniversaries of Isa Boletini University coincide with a major event in national history.
“It is about the Glorious Epopee of the Kosovo Liberation Army and the legendary commander, Adem Jashari, who have given way to our freedom. On this occasion, we express the highest respect for their sublime sacrifice. ”

Whereas, the president of the Alumni Association, Milaim Mehmeti, speaking about the work being done within this association, said that the vision of the “Alumni” is to be a dynamic, value-driven and supportive that meets all the social and intellectual needs of all members.

According to him, the mission of “Alumni” is to provide strong communication links between the University, students and “Alumni” to promote a spirit of unity, cooperation and loyalty between them, as well as to raise the image of the University and all Alumni members.

In the end, they shared their success stories, three former students; Agim Dauti, Shefqet Kuçi, and Valdete Idrizi, awakening the curiosity of the participants and especially the students.