The establishment of the ALUMNI Asociation

The “Alumni” Association of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” was established on Wednesday. At the Alumni Board meeting was also present the Rector, Alush Musaj, who considered this as an important moment for the University.

According to him, “Alumni” will help connect all generations of students, to create ongoing collaboration and build relationships between students, professors of the respective faculties and the wider academic community.
“Alumni will promote the existence, work, and meaning of the association,” he said.

Otherwise, it is foreseen that “Alumni” will create the graduate’s database with their data to enable them to penetrate the labor market, then organize events, seminars, professional conferences and make professional advancement of graduates.

It was stated at the meeting that it is foreseen that “Alumni” will strengthen the reputation of the University by strengthening the reputation of the graduates as well as to develop the University’s cooperation with enterprises and institutions in which former students are engaged.

It was also emphasized that “Alumni” will facilitate international scientific and professional exchange by establishing links with associations in the region and beyond, as well as helping to advance academic knowledge according to market demands.

The Alumni Board will consist of Milaim Mehmeti – Leader, Ajtene Avdullahu vice-leader, member, Besa Sadikaj, member, Shahin Gashi, member and Shpat Musliu, member.