20191101 101721

An informational session on the internationalization of the University was held in UMIB

An information session on the internationalization of the University was held Leaders of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB) have intensified their efforts in terms of university nternationalization. In this context, an informative session was held on Friday on the commitment being made in this regard.
In the presence of the Vice-Rectors, Secretary General, professors and students, Professor Besart Hajrizi and Professor, Albulena Grajqevci, presented the projects that are being implemented in terms of university internationalization. It was mentioned the project “Quality Development of International Cooperation and Project Management (QUADIC), which envisages working out regulations that will standardize international cooperation in public universities.
In this session it was said that it is foreseen that at universities 1/5 of the programs will be in English language. Consequently, there was a need for general mobilization of all the structures in the university in relation to these objectives.
In particular, it was emphasized that the Office for External Relations should be operationalized as soon as possible in the UMIB and the Strategy for International Cooperation be drafted. There was general agreement on the need for greater engagement in this regard.
The Vice-Rector for External Relations, Behxhet Shala, expressed full support for the work on internationalization. “We are committed to doing everything possible to be successful in our university’s journey and internationalization plan,” he said.