Cooperation agreement with the Agency for Regional Development – North

In order to create greater opportunities for training students in various fields of interest for their professional development, the Center for Career Development (CCD) at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB) will work closely with the Agency for Regional Development – North (ARDN). For the concretization of obligations and responsibilities for each party, on Friday a cooperation agreement was signed between UMIB and ARDN represented by the rector, Alush Musaj and the executive director, Rreze Duli.

The agreement was assessed as a result of mutual interest, but also the common one for the benefit of the community, UMIB and ARDN. Based on this agreement, it is intended to facilitate the implementation of various initiatives and projects related to the nature of UMIB and the character of the activities carried out by ARDN.

Rector Musaj, said that the beneficiaries will be the students of UMIB and the youth of the region who will be enabled to participate in trainings and activities related to professional advancement and the ARDN, which will use the capacities of UMIB for these activities. “UMIB, respectively the CCD will take care of informing and organizing students and young people about the activities organized by ARDN in UMIB, so that participation is at the level,” he said.

While, the executive director of the RDA, Rreze Duli, said that trainings, seminars and study visits will be organized related to the professional advancement of students, youth of the region, officials and volunteers engaged in the MCD. “RDA will enable UMIB students to do their internship in cooperation with the Center for Career Development,” she said.

The cooperation agreement between UMIB and ARDN will last for 3 years.