(Aspects of implementation of educational reform – curriculum)

DATE: 1-2 December 2022

Dear scientific workers, researchers and professionals from the field of pre-university education. Almost a decade after the beginning of the curriculum reform and five years since the beginning of the implementation in all schools, the challenges and complaints of students, teachers and parents are daily.
There are still uncertainties and dilemmas about specific aspects of the content, approach and implementation of the new CC.

The studies of recent years, related to the curriculum reform in Kosovo, mainly have a concentration of thematic treatment of the aspects, related to the preparations for the implementation of the curriculum, its piloting, the extent of implementation, the challenges in implementation, etc., without a in-depth focus on addressing aspects of curricular overload.
OECD countries have carried out an analysis of the overload in education (Curriculum Overload: A Way Forward, OECD (2020)). The study addresses aspects of curricular overload in four dimensions, which can serve as guidance for other educational contexts and systems.

The treatment of curricular overload and its impact on the accessibility of students, on the well-being of students and teachers, in various thematic aspects, practical and theoretical, providing scientific evidence and opening the professional and scientific debate on strategies and opportunities to influence the determination of the following policies on this matter. The conference is open to all interested parties and experts in the fields of curriculum implementation and reform. A real overview of these aspects is added value for decision-makers and the direction of the development of the educational system.

We invite you to send your papers and abstracts for presentation at the conference.

Scientific Board

1. Luljeta SHALA-Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

2. Merita SHALA – University “Isa Boletini”

3. Hatixhe ISMAILI- University of Pristina

4. Naser ZABELI – University of Pristina

5. Linda GRAPCI-University of Pristina

6. Albina PAJO-University of Korça

7 Gerda SULA – University of Tirana

8. Ismet POTERA Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

9. Selim MEHMETI – Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

10. Lirije BYTYQI – Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

11.Bekim Morina-Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

Organizing Board

1. Fitore Maliqi – Kosovo Pedagogical Institute


3. Arbnesha Mexhuani – Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

4. Agim Bujari-Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

5. Skender Mekolli – Kosovo Pedagogical Institute

6. Mevlude Aliu Gashi – Kosovo Pedagogical Institute