Nga Marreveshja E Bashkepunimit Me IADK

Faculty of Food Technology cooperates with the Kosovo Agriculture Development Initiative

The leaders of the Kosovo Agricultural Development Initiative (IADK) and the Faculty of Food Technology (FTU) at the University of Mitrovica "Isa Boletini" (UMIB), have agreed on close cooperation in the field of education and practical work in the technology sector of food. To specify the responsibilities and obligations of each party on Wednesday was signed a Cooperation Agreement by the Dean of FTU, prof.asoc.dr. Milaim Sadiku and the executive director of IADK, Zenel Bunjaku.

Dean Sadiku praised the cooperation with IADK, given the good prestige of this organization. Also satisfied was the director of IADK, Bunjaku, who stressed that they have already established a good tradition of cooperation with UMIB.

The agreement is planned to benefit students, FTU academic and managerial staff, IADK staff and potential candidates who will attend professional trainings organized by IADK. In this context, the parties agreed to provide support to staff, teachers and students / candidates in research / training processes in the field of food technology, who have a mutual interest.

According to the agreement, IADK is obliged to inform the FTU in time, about the time of holding practical trainings with the candidates in the FTU laboratories, to inform the FTU about the possibilities of applying to various organizations for receiving grants. etc. While FTU is obliged to allow the use of laboratory space / equipment by IADK experts during training with candidates, agreeing in advance on the timing of training, etc.