Launch of the Evaluation Report on the current state of research capacities in higher education in Kosovo

In the framework of the Erasmus + project Enhancing Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosovo funded by the European Union and coordinated by IBC-M in which UIBM is a partner, on April 30, 2021, a conference was held to launch the evaluation report on the current situation of research capacities in universities in the Republic of Kosovo.

Participants in the launch of the report were from Kosovo universities as well as European universities, the Ministry of Education in Kosovo and other research partners of the ResearchCult project.

Mr. Harri Tuomola, Executive Director of IBCM, Representative of the EU Office in Kosovo, Mr. Stegios Tragudas, Ms. Jehona Lushaku from Erasmus + in Kosovo and Mr. Agron Bajraktari – on behalf of the conference of Rectors welcomed the organization of the conference.

The report aimed to assess the current state of research capacity in the higher education sector in Kosovo for all project partners and was presented by Mr. Florim Gallopani from IREDS.