Mobility opportunities for UMIB students

Riga Technical University has submitted a new application and has therefore taken on some new student mobility sites in the spring semester. This call is open to all University of Riga’s local partners from Erasmus + hence the “Isa Boletini” University.

For Kosovo, the following is the number of mobiles:
• 5 Bachelor level mobility
• 3 master level mobility

The mobility length is 5 months, the support allocated per month is 800 EUR and the travel budget allocated for students in the Balkans is up to 275 EUR (round trip).

Candidates should be nominated by UMIB by November 20 and submit their RTU Erasmus + profiles with the following documents:
• Copy of passport
• Grade transcript
• Semester registration
• English language certificate (Can be signed by the University)
• + Study plan (At least 25 ECTS, thesis writing will not be supported during mobility)
After receiving the nominations, the RTU team will conduct interviews on Skype. RTU Erasmus profile:

Course list and general information about studies etc.: