The rector of UMIB, Alush Musaj, attends the conference “Plagiarism in Europe and Beyond 2018”

Rector of Isa Boletini University in Mitrovica, Alush Musaj, attended the conference “Plagiarism in Europe and Beyond 2018”, held in Izmir, Turkey. The conference was attended by representatives of universities from different countries of the world, where they discussed the best practices for academic integrity.

Rector Musaj said that the international conference “Plagiarism in Europe and Beyond” aims to be a forum for sharing best practices and experiences addressing issues of academic integrity. “The conference brings together a number of prominent names in the field of academic integrity from around the world. Regarding the crucial role of ethics and honesty in academic work, universities need more effective policies against violations of academic standards. ”

According to him, among other things, the conference aims to contribute to the standardization of stable and transparent approaches to academic integrity issues from some perspectives, such as plagiarism detection and prevention, software impact that matches text, types of plagiarism, norms of teaching of best institutional and national practices. “Since academic integrity is considered culturally related, policies and standardized practices that relate to ethical issues require careful consideration of several cases related to different countries.”

This conference was jointly organized by the University of Canoga Onsekiz Mart, the Mendel University in Brno and the European Network of Academic Integrity and co-funded by the Erasmus + European Union Program.