Laborator Shtepiak

Research work in home laboratory

The assistant at the Faculty of Food Technology Arbër Hyseni, in addition to working with students who did it with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm, continues his scientific and research work at home in a modest laboratory. Arbër bought laboratory equipment with his own means, shared a space which he turned into a food technology laboratory. In this laboratory, Arbëri did research-scientific work against the available equipment. Ironically, in this time of pandemics when teaching is being held remotely, assistant Arbër Hyseni, is using the laboratory to demonstrate practical work to students.

The equipment that this mini laboratory has is:

Trinocular microscope
pH meter
Food thermometer
Vacuum packing equipment
Weight 0.01g

Microscopic and cover glass

Sample container
Starter culture for yogurt and cheese
Cheese enzymes

Arbër points out that the materials and equipment were used to demonstrate practical work on the subject: “Milk processing technology”. However, some of these devices are also used for exercises in other subjects. In this case, the direct counting of microorganisms in milk is performed under a microscope using the “Hemocytometer”. The milk is processed at home, initially undergoing the pasteurization process by monitoring the temperature through the food thermometer. The process of obtaining yogurt is carried out using industrial starter crops. Students in their homes have also obtained yogurt according to technological processes adapted to home conditions. In addition to yogurt, it is planned to obtain sour cream, butter, buttermilk and cottage cheese in the next exercises. The obtained products will be evaluated using organoleptic evaluation tests. The obtained cottage cheese will be packaged in a vacuum, such a thing is enabled by the relevant device and life will be tested on its shelf.