Gresa Jashari – belongs to the first generation at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, respectively at the Faculty of Education. She had always wanted to be a teacher, so choosing this profession was a good choice because she enjoys working with children.

Throughout the studies she showed interest, desire and work in the interests and interests of the students of the Faculty of Education, being part of the Student Council. As such, she was part of numerous non-governmental organizations in which she was vice president, secretary and even leader of youth projects at home and abroad. She developed teaching practices in various schools around the country, as well as at Mother Theresa Learning and Counseling Resource Center in Mitrovica, a place that motivated her even more.

Gresa says the University of Mitrovica has opened the way to new opportunities for study and support from others. After this, upon completing her studies, she started her humanitarian work, most of all free of charge. For two consecutive years, in the summer months she has been teaching preparatory courses for all children from first grade to fifth grade. All this has paved the way for her to work harder.

She was a member of the Kosovo Assembly of Youth for a mandate as a deputy. Also, since 2015 she is a Social Welfare trainer at the Kosovo Red Cross in Mitrovica.

In 2018, she is hired as a class teacher, a profession she works with zeal and passion to this day.

For all students who choose to study Primary Education there is a message: “If you really love the profession, you become a teacher, consider yourself privileged.”

Gresa Jashari