The graduation ceremony for the academic year 2022/23 was held

At the “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica (UIBM), the graduation ceremony for the academic year 2022/23 was held on Wednesday. Present at this festive ceremony, in addition to the management, academic staff and administrative staff of UIBM, there were also many family members and guests.

The rector of UIBM, prof.assoc.dr. Merita Shala congratulated the graduates and their families. She expressed her satisfaction for the achievements and successes of UIBM students, making their families proud as well as the academic staff who worked with them.

On behalf of the former students, the attendees were addressed by Ariona Rushiti, who said that it was a pleasure to be a part of UIBM. Meanwhile, the student senator, Elmedina Kurti, congratulated the students and emphasized the fact of the support offered by UIBM’s management to the students.

Meanwhile, Ahmet Jetullahu spoke on behalf of the organization Prishtina REA. He focused on UIBM’s approach to cooperation with business, offering great opportunities for students in terms of practical work, but also employment.

The former rector of UIBM, prof. dr. Alush Musaj, who congratulated the graduates and added that they are the ambassadors of the university, the city and the country. “You must continue the path of knowledge, the path of success, for yourself and for your families. You have to stay in the motherland, you have to build your life here, you have to make yourself and the motherland happy,” he said.

At the end, the management, deans, academic staff and students took a joint photo outside the university campus.