Presentation By Admovere

The research on the Faculty of Geosciences was presented

The Faculty of Geosciences (FGJ) at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” is of strategic importance for the country, so as such it must be supported to serve the economic development of the country. So it was concluded on Tuesday in the presentation of research for this faculty by the organization “Admovere”, supported by KFOS.

In this activity, in addition to the representatives of the organization that carried out the research, there were also leaders and members of the Steering Council, then the rector, Alush Musaj, the dean of the FGJ, Naser Peci, as well as teachers and students. Rector Musaj thanked for the research that has been done, which will serve as a good basis for understanding the real situation and the needs of the FGJ to be able to become a promoter of economic development.

On the other hand, the dean, Naser Peci, said the FGJ is related to the mining industry. “One cannot imagine the development of this industry in Kosovo without the staff coming from the FGJ.” According to him, the development of this sector would motivate young people to become part of this faculty.

Aulona Mehmeti from “Admovere”, thanked everyone for their support in conducting this research. According to her, the report aims to highlight the causes that endanger the closure of the Faculty of Geosciences, as well as the consequences that the closure of these programs would have on the economy and industry of the country.