UIBM and Trakya University join the academic cooperation agreement

In order to promote educational and cultural cooperation in the areas of education, research, and other activities, University “Isa Boletini”- Mitrovica, represented by the Rector, Prof.dr. Alush Musaj  and Trakya University represented  by the  Rector,  Prof. Dr. Erhan TABAKOĞLU, join in the agreement of academic cooperation.


The two universities will endeavor to cooperate in education and research in areas of mutual interest. To the extent feasible, both universities will encourage direct contact and cooperation between faculty members, departments, research institutions and students.


Cooperation between the two universities encompasses a range of opportunities, including the exchange of students and faculty, Joint research activities, lectures and lectures via-e-learning, Exchange of published academic materials and other information, joint short-term academic programs, as well as staff training initiatives, among others